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How do I submit a uStartup?

Sign up for a free uStartups account by clicking on Signup at the top of the home page. You will receive an email with a link to verify your account. As soon as your account has been verified, you may proceed to "Submit a uStartup". You will be taken through a step-by-step process of putting your project together. We encourage you to put as much relevant information as possible.

What are the requirements for creating a uStartup?

Your project need to have a connection to a university and you should have all the relevant information, such as project description, project image, previous funding. In order to receive support, your project needs to be located in the United States.

Can I submit my project as a draft?

Yes, you can edit your project until it is launched.

Can I edit my project after launching?

You can edit the following content after launching:

  • Project description
  • Video and images
  • Rewards (add new ones)
  • Your profile

The only things that cannot be edited after launch are:

  • The funding goal
  • The project deadline
  • Rewards that have already been established.

You may also use the Updates tab in your project page to inform your followers about new developments about the project.

How does my project get funded?

In order to get funded, you need to set up an account with WePay, which is a credit card processor. During project submission you will be led to a WePay registration page during the process. We do advise that the email address you use in uStartups be the same to the one you use on WePay.

Can we create multiple projects?

Yes, but we suggest that you concentrate on one project at a time, unless you have good reasons for multiple projects.

Can I split one large project into a few smaller projects?

Yes, but you should set reasonable, achievable goals for each funding cycle.

Should we require or our funders to sign NDAs?

No one will sign Non Disclosure Agreements. You should only submit non-confidential information that youw are comfortable have the whole world see.

Is there a limit to the amount we receive from funders?

There is no limit to the amount a project can raise.

What Kind of projects are funded?

uStartups projects including the following:

(1) Life sciences and medicine
(2) Computer sciences, communications, and technology
(3) Physical sciences and engineering
(4) Other research areas important for human health and development



Updated September 3, 2012